About us

The Staff of TechnoTeam consists of a team of specialized engineers in understanding the problems of electrical and power electronic systems. The close partnership with leading manufacturers enables TechnoTeam to always provide the most valuable products to the best market conditions backed down by Technical and Specialized Support Service. 

TechnoTeam primarily supports industries and utilities and, thanks to the experience and technical expertise, is the best partner for companies that design and install electrical systems and power electronics. TechnoTeam does not just sell, TechnoTeam adds value to your business. Our staff works directly with producers in developing, implementing and testing electric components and devices.

Pre-Sales Support

The support you need to identify the correct solution for each application


Specialized assistance for all products distributed. To be sure to get the best quality at the best price.

The Best Professionals

The best skilled technicians in the electricity sector, prepared to assist you in post-sales


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